Starter Website Package

Just like buying your first house, it may be your forever home. But for others, it could be a stepping stone…or in your case, the first step to establishing yourself or business online.

A Starter website will likely be built using the Squarespace content management system. We love Squarespace because we can build a beautiful site, reflective of your business or needs, in a short amount of time and on budget. Squarespace is heavily reliant on visuals so it’s great if you have good photography and relatively few pages (let us know if you need help in the photography department). You’re also not limited to just regular ol’ pages in Squarespace – we can add a blog, integrate newsletters and social media, and even sell a few products (physical or digital). But depending on which components you need, this might push you into our Standard website package.


Starter Site Package Summary


  • Quick turnaround (2 weeks!)
  • Lower budgets ($2,800)
  • User friendly backend to manage your website
  • Great for information-based websites


  • Limited customization options
  • Need good photography otherwise the design will fall flat
  • Somewhat limited functionality compared to Shopify and WordPress

So how does this differ from the Standard and Premium packages? Well, there are some limitations with Squarespace, and this package doesn’t allow for too much customization. If you’re looking for the equivalent of a customized IKEA kitchen, let’s consider a Standard website. If you want us to pick all of the finishings and design/build that kitchen from scratch, then lets look at the Premium website package. But if you’re confident that all you need is a “simple website” and are open to what can be achieved at a lower price point, then let’s chat about a Starter website!




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